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FIXED : The fixed skylight allows an optimal illumination of the interior environment. The parabolic shape and its icy white color achieve a natural clarity in the interior space, which favors a favorable quality of life, thanks to the large amount of light obtained.


 DOME : The dome is the upper part of the skylight. Manufactured in first quality cast methacrylate (PMMA), and with a thickness of 3mm, it includes washers, fixings and other mounting accessories.

 PARABOLIC SHAPE : The parabolic shape of the dome gives it greater rigidity and mechanical resistance to all kinds of stresses. They are molded by means of air pressure and slow cooling process, which forces the dome to adopt a noticeably spherical shape, which, as it is known, is the one of maximum rigidity and mechanical resistance to all kinds of stresses.

 Upstand: The PVC base uses a high quality polyvinyl chloride, manufactured with a high density resin and ultraviolet protection that gives it a high resistance to inclement weather. It has an elegant and robust finish that makes it a great design solution. It has a lateral slope of approximately 45º that facilitates the evacuation of rainwater. In addition, its external face has a roughness that facilitates the adhesion of insulating materials on the roof.

 LIGHT TRANSMISSION : 1The icy white color normally used for its manufacture allows a homogeneous light diffusion and protects interior spaces from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. 2The transparent color allows a greater entry of sunlight with a homogeneous light diffusion and is ideal for those spaces that have few hours of daylight per day.

 EXCELLENT ACOUSTIC AND THERMAL INSULATION : 1This monovalve skylight dome has an Acoustic insulation of 12dB and a Thermal insulation (U-value of 5.16 W/m2C), which allows us a higher energy efficiency.

2This double glazing skylight dome has an acoustic insulation of 20dB and a thermal insulation (U-value of 2.28W/m2C), which allows for greater energy efficiency.

 MULTIPLE USES : This skylight is ideal for industrial or residential roofs. They can be installed directly over masonry openings or over masonry walls. It is also ideal for replacing old skylights.

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