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Plásticos Matilla S.L. is a family run business established in June the 7th, 1978 in Almeria capital city, by Luis Matilla Gallego. During its early years, its core activity was mainly stocking up, distributing and retailing certain sorts of hard plastics, such as acrylics or polymers.

Plásticos Matilla


Foundation of the company, located in a small commercial center in the center of the city, in Almeria capital. The activity carried out was limited to the purchase and sale of plastic materials, mainly for the construction sector.

Plásticos Matilla


– The company expands, both in structure and in market share, covering several Spanish provinces, mainly in the Levante and Andalusia. This growth is due in part to the sale of skylights, whose manufacturing begins to be their own, after the good results harvested with the first sales made of this product.

Logotipo Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla PCM


After the death of the founder, Luis Matilla Gallego, and due to the continuous specialization in the activity of manufacturing, distribution and commercialization of skylights, Plastics and Skylights Matilla, S.L.

Logotipo Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla PCM 2007


The first export operations are carried out, with specific sales in Algeria and France, and through authorized distributors in Portugal and Morocco. These first exports coincide with the change of factory and offices to new larger and more modern facilities, thus increasing production capacity.

Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla PCM


On July 7, 40 years of the beginning of the company's business activity are celebrated. The event, of massive attendance by clients, press suppliers and local authorities, also welcomes the presentation of new products and improvements in the already existing ones of the catalog.


Our main aim is to offer and deliver good quality and highly useful goods to every customer who needs natural light, ventilation or air evacuation for any kind of roof surface (housing, warehouses, manufactures, etc.). We stress our efforts in attain excellent customer experience and high product value by widening our range of products and enhancing quality, so that we can offer a specific solution for each singular case.


To become Spanish market leader in both dwelling and industrial roofing solution suppliers, and reaching five continents throughout official distributors who sale and trade our product worldwide in a regular basis, by gaining competitiveness scale and accomplishing high quality standards, by 2023.


Caring on every part of inner and outer point related to the company, respecting and worrying about stakeholders and maximizing resources efficiency. Our end is to deliver environmental friendly products, building up safety measures and energy sustainable solutions.

Plásticos Técnicos

Plastiques techniques

Technical Plastics

Plásticos Técnicos

Plastiques techniques

Technical Plastics

Manteniendo la misma actividad que dio origen a la empresa, en Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla seguimos almacenando y distribuyendo plásticos técnicos de todo tipo: metacrilato, policarbonato, PVC espumado, panel composite, etc. La capacidad de compra y stock nos permiten ser competitivos en este mercado, para unos productos con unas aplicaciones casi infinitas. Además, para hacer nuestro aprovisionamiento seleccionamos a los mejores fabricantes en cada categoría de producto, de modo que podemos garantizar unas características técnicas y calidades óptimas.

Maintenir la même activité qui a donné naissance à l'entreprise, Chez Plastics and Skylights Matilla, nous continuons à stocker et à distribuer plastiques techniques de toutes sortes : méthacrylate, polycarbonate, PVC expansé, panneau composite, etc. La capacité d'achat et le stock nous permettent d'être compétitifs sur ce marché, pour des produits aux applications presque infinies. De plus, pour rendre notre approvisionnement nous sélectionnons les meilleurs fabricants dans chaque catégorie de produits, afin de garantir des caractéristiques techniques et des qualités optimales.

Maintaining the same activity that gave rise to the company, At Plastics and Skylights Matilla we continue to store and distribute technical plastics of all kinds: methacrylate, polycarbonate, foamed PVC, composite panel, etc. The purchasing capacity and stock allow us to be competitive in this market, for products with almost infinite applications. In addition, to make our supply we select the best manufacturers in each product category, so that we can guarantee optimal technical characteristics and qualities.




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