Loft Ladders


Loft wooden ladder is a highly insulated ladder intended for energy efficient buildings where great emphasis is placed on minimizing heat loss.The ladder features the highest rating of air tightness.



The loft ladder with metal folding is designed to ensure the highest comfort of use. The ladder installation process is simplified by easy adjustment of ladder‘s length to the ceiling height.



The scissors loft ladder is complete with white insulated hatch, wooden ladder box, metal finishing lining and quick-installation brackets. The scissors ladder construction takes less space allowing the ladder to be installed in smaller openings.


Fire proof

The loft ladder complies with fire-resistant standards, whilst providing safe and comfortable access to the loft spaces. The ladder prevents smoke and fire from spreading to the upper or lower fire free storey for 120 minutes.


Five year warranty

All skylights we manufacture have a 5 year warranty against yellowing and cracking. In addition, we offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for all electronic devices supplied.

Free shipping

Thanks to our favorable agreements with the best transport agencies, we manage the shipment of merchandise throughout the Peninsula for those orders over 600 euros and measures less than 1x1m.

After sales service

We offer spare parts for all those parts and components supplied, thanks to our fast supply system and the continuous expansion of our catalog, so you can enjoy your skylight as the first day.

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