Sccisor Ladders

The scissors loft ladder is complete with white insulated hatch, wooden ladder box, metal finishing lining and quick-installation brackets. The scissors ladder construction takes less space allowing the ladder to be installed in smaller openings.

It mainly contains 6 parts which are box, hatch unfolding mechanism, hardware, hatch, tread, ladder and stile ends.
The box: The ladder box can be of wood, metal or a combination of a wooden box / metal frame. The box is equipped with a peripheral seal and lining as standard. The box enables the scissors ladder to be installed and adjusted quickly and with ease.
Hatch unloading mechanism: The hinge mechanism significantly simplifies ladder operation. Once unlocked, the hatch opens slowly to avoid any risk to the user. It then keeps the hatch in the fully open position and prevents spontaneous spring back during folding and unfolding.
Hardware: The patented corner hinge design adds rigidity to the box and prevents distortion. This ensures that the ladder will continue to be operated trouble-free.
Hatch: Scissors loft ladders are equipped with white insulated or fireresistant hatches, made of either wood or wood and metal as standard. The external hatch surface is smooth to blend effectively with the visual style of any interior design.
Tread: The specially embossed pattern on the tread surface protects the user from accidental slipping while using the loft ladder.
Ladder: The scissors ladder construction makes height adjustment a simple process with no need for cutting. It also enables the ladder to be folded to a smaller size and used in openings as small as 50 x 70cm. The elegant, modern style is achieved through use of ‘S’-shaped stringers which can also be used as handrails.

  • 55x111cm.
  • 60x94cm.
  • 60x100cm.
  • 60x111cm.
  • 60x120cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 70x94cm.
  • 70x100cm.
  • 70x111cm.
  • 70x120cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 60x140cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.



  • Trampilla color beige







  • Trampilla color blanco






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