Roof acces hatch

Roof acces hatch

At Claraboyas Matilla we are experts in hatches to facilitate access to the roof, allowing you to get out of the interior quickly and safely. Ideal to combine with our retractable stairs.

Other information:

  • Opening from 70º to 90º.
  • Indicated for horizontal roofs with an inclination between 0° and 15°.
  • The dimensions correspond to most retractable ladders, but we also manufacture to measure.
  • Available in square and rectangular shapes.
  • Protection against hail, falls, vandalism and theft.
  • It is delivered assembled.

Conditions of use and opening mechanism:

It is an opening system specially designed to access the cover from the inside, equipped with one or two telescopic shock absorbers, depending on the size. Inside it has an ergonomic handle that makes opening and closing easy. In addition, it has an interior closure with the possibility of adding a padlock.

The exterior galvanized sheet is designed in a diamond point format, thus maximizing the rigidity and strength of the structure. As an option, the inside of the cover can be covered with a sandwich panel covering, ideal for obtaining better thermal and acoustic insulation.

Trampillas de acceso Claraboyas Matilla

Our standard measurements available:

50×50, 80×50, 60×60, 80×60, 90×60, 100×60, 120×60, 140×60, 70×70, 100×70, 120×70, 140×70, 80×80, 130×80, 90×90, 100×100.

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