Methacrylate skylights are the best solution for any dark space. They create warm environments, full of life and above all, well lit.


This innovative ventilation opening system consists of a fully autonomous chain actuator, powered by the use of solar energy.


Telescopic spindle system with double travel that is operated manually from the inside and allows to adjust the opening angle.


It is a device equipped with an electric motor connected to the network through a switch on the wall, which allows to open and close the skylight at the desired angle.


System composed of one or two gates that connect hinged frame with the socket. The amount and strength of these depend directly on the size and weight of each dome.

Remote control

The Matilla Plastics skylights have the electric drive with remote control, in addition to its easy installation, it allows a comfortable and simple use both in opening and closing.


We can consider the dome as the most important element of the skylight, since it is the only piece present in each and every one of the skylight models.


Lower body of the dome, to raise the bases to the same level.


We offer a wide variety of accessories and spare parts for our skylights.

Five year warranty

All skylights we manufacture have a 5 year warranty against yellowing and cracking. In addition, we offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for all electronic devices supplied.

Free shipping

Thanks to our favorable agreements with the best transport agencies, we manage the shipment of merchandise throughout the Peninsula for those orders over 800 euros and measures less than 1x1m.

After sales service

We offer spare parts for all those parts and components supplied, thanks to our fast supply system and the continuous expansion of our catalog, so you can enjoy your skylight as the first day.

Technical Plastics

Maintaining the same activity that gave rise to the company, At Plastics and Skylights Matilla we continue to store and distribute technical plastics of all kinds: methacrylate, polycarbonate, foamed PVC, composite panel, etc. The purchasing capacity and stock allow us to be competitive in this market, for products with almost infinite applications. In addition, to make our supply we select the best manufacturers in each product category, so that we can guarantee optimal technical characteristics and qualities.

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