At Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla we offer a wide variety of accessories and spare parts for our skylights. These can be supplied together with the skylight or independently. Matilla accessories and spare parts guarantee absolute compatibility with all our brand’s skylights. Here are some of the most common accessories:

Cranks Handles


Our extendable aluminum crank, with ergonomic handle, allows you to manipulate the spindle opening skylights. Unfolded, it reaches a maximum length of 187cm., length that can be selected at will and is adjustable from the minimum length of 109cm., in its folded position.


Crank in folded position

Crank unfolded


The Matilla zinc-plated metal spindle guarantees excellent performance and a long service life against corrosion. It has a double travel system that allows you to maximize the opening, reaching up to 380mm. in its highest position. The complete set has all the necessary elements for its subjection and fixation, in addition to the new retractable through system that, by means of a simple click, allows the spindle to be released in just an instant.


Single spindle detail

Skydome Electrical Actuators

  • Double link chain for a better load resistance in case of top hinged windows, heavy windows or roof windows.
  • Glass strengthened nylon casing.
  • Double electric insultation actuator (no electric connection to earth is needed).
  • The special removable plug allows a very quick and easy connection. It is deal for the final test of the actuators on the building site.
  • Provided with closing feedback signal.


Chain motor detail



The simple variant for manual operation of Matilla Skydomes: the left-hand button with downwards arrow or the right-hand button with upwards arrow is pressed when the skylight is to be correspondingly raised or lowered. It is a 10A set up system, specially designed for 230V facilities (make the enquiry for different set ups).


Recessed push button with double button

Remote Control/ Receivers

Radio control with Random 18-bit transmission codes and the ability to copy existing codes from other radio controls in the same series. It may be used in conjunction with other transmitters in the same series and integrates perfectly with all Matilla receivers and electronic control units.

– Mod. Matilla S2 New: 2 channels 433.92 MHz

– Mod. Matilla S4 New: 4 channels 433.92 MHz


– Alkaline battery powered: 12V mod.23A

– Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz

– Combinations: 262144

– Max. consumption: 25 mA

– Operating temperature: -10 to +55 °C

– Dimensions: 75x38x15 mm



Two channel remote control

Wind and Rain Sensor


Matilla weather sensor accurately measures different outdoor conditions, including wind speed and rain, and then sending a signal to Matilla Skydomes to automatically close them if necessary. This sensor also includes the remote control


Rain and wind sensor with transmitter and receiver included

Shock absorber


Approximately every two years, it is advisable to check the pressure of the air shock absorbers, since these gas springs lose pressure and strength over time. Both in the telescopic skylights and, especially, in those with thermal fuses, it is advisable to have a good functioning of the shock absorber, so that they autonomously push the dome when releasing the clamp. For its correct recycling, it must be neutralized under controlled conditions, with complete safety protections. Degassing can be done using a small drill (2-3 mm), drilling the pressure tube at the end opposite the stem. After this process, it is perfectly recyclable, each component having to be recycled according to current regulations.



Pneumatic shock absorber with clamping pins



The anchors and other fixing elements are an essential requirement for the correct placement of the methacrylate domes, whether on a polyester, PVC, metallic base, brick wall or aluminum frame (in the case of opening skylights). That is why in Plastics and Skylights Matilla we supply, with all our domes, the ideal anchoring system for each surface. All kits include 8 screws, 8 “male plugs” (bases), 8 “female plugs” (screw caps), 8 rubber washers to be placed under the dome (to absorb the pressure of the anchor) and 8 double self-adhesive rings face, to glue the base on the outer methacrylate dome.



Anchor kit for PVC plinth

Anchor kit for dome without plinth

Anchor kit for opening skylight

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Technical Plastics

Maintaining the same activity that gave rise to the company, At Plastics and Skylights Matilla we continue to store and distribute technical plastics of all kinds: methacrylate, polycarbonate, foamed PVC, composite panel, etc. The purchasing capacity and stock allow us to be competitive in this market, for products with almost infinite applications. In addition, to make our supply we select the best manufacturers in each product category, so that we can guarantee optimal technical characteristics and qualities.

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