We can consider the dome as the most important element of the skylight, since it is the only piece present in each and every model of skylights.

Manufactured in methacrylate (PMMA) of casting of first quality worldwide, and with a wall thickness of 3mm, they are considered as one of the decorative elements and architectural solutions most valued by professionals in the construction sector. They guarantee excellent levels of light transmission and thermal diffusion.

The ice white color normally used for its manufacture allows a luminous diffusion, preventing the concentration of solar rays so annoying for the vision, although it is also frequent the use of the colorless material.
On request, domes can be manufactured in any other color, as well as in high impact methacrylate (material considered, together with polycarbonate, as one of the most resistant to impact) or in Plexiglas HEATSTOP®. The domes made of high impact methacrylate are specially designed for areas of high risk of breakage, vandalism and accidents. On the other hand, the domes manufactured with Plexiglas HEATSTOP® have a sheet of ultraviolet protection co-extruded with the methacrylate itself, thus avoiding 50% of the heat entering the interior space.

The domes may have a circular, square or rectangular support base. In the case of square and rectangular, the shape of the dome can be parabolic or pyramidal. All of them can be monovalves, bivalves or trivalves, depending on the number of layers and therefore of insulating air chambers that include the domes. The lower valve (s) in the case of the bivalves and trivalves are always transparent. The upper leaflets and the monovalves will be supplied, unless otherwise indicated, in white.

Due to their shape and to the air flow slot between the dome and the base, monovalve skylights already prevent the condensation of water, even in the case of a rapid cooling of the external atmosphere. However, in circumstances of high humidity, it is necessary to have a bivalve or trivalva dome, so that its greater isolation prevents an excessively rapid cooling, avoiding, with guarantee, the risk of condensation formation in the internal face of the Dome.

For these factors it is advisable to use bivalve domes in rooms equipped with air conditioning and whenever you want to take care of the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.
PARABOLIC DOME: They are molded by air pressure and slow cooling process, which forces the dome to adopt a substantially spherical shape, which, as is known, is one of maximum rigidity and mechanical resistance to all kinds of efforts.

PYRAMIDAL DOME: Molded by drawing, the inclination of its walls has been studied to obtain high rates of light scattering. They are manufactured with one or two vertices (square and rectangular, respectively).




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