Smoke extraction

Skydomes with smoke system called the termal fuse or mechanical lock, with a sensitive element eutectic alloy.
It´s very easy to fix it, and this type of fuse requires manual reclosing and It easily adapts.
Its thermal trip eutectic alloy calibrated at 91º. It can be also be mounted in tandem with a Ver 7001 lock throughout skylight over 1200 wide.
Discharge system of smoke evacuation lockable operating Electromanético: 24V Issuance / 24V rupture or 48V Issuance / 48V rupture, which is similar to the description of normal thermal fuse, with the peculiarity of being connected to a switchboard fire detection process.
Cellular polycarbonate dome 10mm socket slightly curved galvanized sheet of 1.5 mm and 310 mm high. With exterior insulation finish weldable bituminous binder compact 1.5 cms.
Thick paint white lacquered inside with RAL 9010. On request, painted inside with RAL 9010 white paint polyurethane, aluminum perimeter frame.
This device works in tandem with the mounting bolt type VER8010 by the above measures 1200×1200 mm exutorios.

  • Acero galvanizado con recubrimiento Z140
  • Policarbonato celular con protección UV a doble cara
  • Aluminio extruido lacado en blanco perlita
  • Tablero aislante con protección de polipropileno
  • Blanco hielo (también denominado opal)

  • Transparente (incoloro)

  • Cualquier color de la gama RAL (Bajo pedido. Consultar condiciones)

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