Metal Ladders

The loft ladder with metal folding is designed to ensure the highest comfort of use. The ladder installation process is simplified by easy adjustment of ladder‘s length to the ceiling height.

It mainly contains 7 parts which are box, hatch unfolding mechanism, hardware, hatch, tread, ladder and stile ends.
The box: The ladder box can be of wood, metal or a combination of a wooden box / metal frame. It has been designed to enable architrave to be installed with ease if the ready-fitted option is not hosen. Peripheral single or double seals provide a good standard of airtightness.
Hatch unfolding mechanism: The hatch opening mechanism enables it to be fully or partly open positions to ensure folding and unfolding are done in safety. LML and LMF loft ladders also have a hidden mechanism in the handrail which in conjunction with that of the hatch opening enables them to be opened or closed with a single rod.
Hardware: The patented corner hinge design adds rigidity to the box and prevents distortion. This ensures that the ladder will continue to be operated trouble-free.
Hatch: The loft ladder hatch is made of wood or metal and can be either insulated or fire-resistant. The insulation protects against heat loss while fire-resistant material protects against heat build-up caused by spread of flame. The external hatch surface is smooth to blend effectively with the visual style of any interior design.
Tread: Circular embossing of the tread surface prevents slipping while the width of treads (8 or 13cm) enables them to be used safely and with ease.
Ladder: The special design of the metal ladder and a double connection of the ladder hinges guarantee high ladder strength. Ladder elements are powder-coated with hard wearing lacquer in grey RAL 7022 or silver RAL 9006. Some metal ladders have the final two treads left loose and with telescopic stile ends this enables adjustments of the ladder length to be made without the need for cutting.
Stile ends: Made from plastic, these protect the floor from scratches and in addition add to the overall ladder stability.

  • 55x111cm.
  • 60x94cm.
  • 60x100cm.
  • 60x111cm.
  • 60x120cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 70x94cm.
  • 70x100cm.
  • 70x111cm.
  • 70x120cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 60x140cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.



  • Trampilla color beige







  • Trampilla color blanco






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Maintaining the same activity that gave rise to the company, At Plastics and Skylights Matilla we continue to store and distribute technical plastics of all kinds: methacrylate, polycarbonate, foamed PVC, composite panel, etc. The purchasing capacity and stock allow us to be competitive in this market, for products with almost infinite applications. In addition, to make our supply we select the best manufacturers in each product category, so that we can guarantee optimal technical characteristics and qualities.

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