Natural light

Claraboya fabricada en policarbonato celular opal o incoloro,

The skylights or exutorios, like the skylights, are intended to transmit natural light to the interior of the building, encouraging the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in our lives. However, the main difference with respect to the skylight is the use of materials with a favorable behavior against fire, under the specifications of the UNE EN 12101-2 standard.

The PCM exurorios manufactured with galvanized steel base, have a pre-assembled factory profile and dome, so its assembly is very fast and simple, facilitating its meeting / waterproofing on the roof.
For the dome, a 10mm flat opal white cellular polycarbonate sheet is used. of thickness and double-sided UV protection. This sheet is supported perimetrally by a white lacquered aluminum frame, with thermal bridge break and floating clamping without screws, which allows the elasticity of the materials before possible dilatations and contractions. In addition, the union of the perimeter of the aluminum with the polycarbonate is finished with a hydrophobic rubber gasket, to guarantee the watertightness in the whole piece. To ensure the evacuation of rainwater, the whole of the piece has a vertical drop of 5%, so as to avoid leaks in the face of possible adverse weather events.
This configuration of exutorio is the one used by defect, but as much the height of the socle, like the color of the same one or the material used for the dome, can be modified to taste of the consumer. This product can be made in any selected dimension (consult possibilities with the commercial department).

  • Acero galvanizado con recubrimiento Z140
  • Policarbonato celular con protección UV a doble cara
  • Aluminio extruido lacado en blanco perlita
  • Tablero aislante con protección de polipropileno
  • Blanco hielo (también denominado opal)

  • Transparente (incoloro)







  • Cualquier color de la gama RAL (Bajo pedido. Consultar condiciones)

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