Flexible tubes

The flexible tube can illuminate rooms where roof windows or vertical windows can not be installed. Thanks to this, it is ideal for mounting over short distances in spaces where structural obstacles are to be avoided.

Places that are currently uncomfortable, due to the lack of natural light, such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, corridors and staircases, are converted into pleasant rooms with the installation of the chandelier, which provides natural light input, increasing comfort and saving energy. The SLT skylight through a dome installed on the roof leads natural light, through a flexible and reflective transmitter tube, to a diffuser device installed in the ceiling that distributes the light in a homogeneous way.
• The luminaire is composed of: the dome, the flashing, the transmitter tube with a length of 2.1m, prismatic diffuser, ceiling trim and the mounting kit
• The flashing serves for the correct installation of the roof light on the roof
• Installation slope 15 ° – 60 ° or for flat roofs (flat roof system)
• There are two types of flashing available, for flat roof material and corrugated roof
• 7 years guarantee

  • Diámetro:
    • 25cm. ᴓ
    • 35cm. ᴓ
    • 55cm. ᴓ
  • Longitud:
    • Longitud suministrada por defecto de 210cm.
    • Adaptable añadiendo/retirando secciones.
    • Secciones de 61/120cm. (según modelo).

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