Wood Ladders

Loft wooden ladder is a highly insulated ladder intended for energy efficient buildings where great emphasis is placed on minimizing heat loss.The ladder features the highest rating of air tightness

It mainly contains 7 parts which are box, hatch unfolding mechanism, hardware, hatch, tread, ladder and stile ends.
The box: The loft ladder has a pine or metal frame integrated within its box. It comes complete with linings which, in combination with a quick installation system gets the job done fast! The peripheral seal is used to ensure the ladder aperture remains airtight.
Hatch mechanism: The used mechanism significantly simplifies ladder operation. The hatch after unlocking opens slowly without causing any hazard to the user. In addition, the mechanism maintains the hatch in fully open position, prevents it from spontaneous closing during unfolding and folding the ladder.
Hardware: The patented corner hinge and spring mechanism provides added rigidity to the box and prevents distortion.
Hatch: The sandwich type hatch can be insulated or fire-resistant.
Tread: The grooves on the tread surface protect the user from accidental slipping while using the ladder.
The ladder: The ladder is made of high quality pine and consists of three or four segments.
Stile ends: Made from heavy duty PVC, these protect the floor surface from scratching while also adding to the ladder’s overall stability.

  • 55x111cm.
  • 60x94cm.
  • 60x100cm.
  • 60x111cm.
  • 60x120cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 70x94cm.
  • 70x100cm.
  • 70x111cm.
  • 70x120cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.
  • 60x130cm.
  • 60x140cm.
  • 70x130cm.
  • 70x140cm.



  • Beige colour scuttle







  • White colour scuttle





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Plásticos Técnicos

Plastiques techniques

Technical Plastics

Plásticos Técnicos

Plastiques techniques

Technical Plastics

Manteniendo la misma actividad que dio origen a la empresa, en Plásticos y Claraboyas Matilla seguimos almacenando y distribuyendo plásticos técnicos de todo tipo: metacrilato, policarbonato, PVC espumado, panel composite, etc. La capacidad de compra y stock nos permiten ser competitivos en este mercado, para unos productos con unas aplicaciones casi infinitas. Además, para hacer nuestro aprovisionamiento seleccionamos a los mejores fabricantes en cada categoría de producto, de modo que podemos garantizar unas características técnicas y calidades óptimas.

Maintenir la même activité qui a donné naissance à l'entreprise, Chez Plastics and Skylights Matilla, nous continuons à stocker et à distribuer plastiques techniques de toutes sortes : méthacrylate, polycarbonate, PVC expansé, panneau composite, etc. La capacité d'achat et le stock nous permettent d'être compétitifs sur ce marché, pour des produits aux applications presque infinies. De plus, pour rendre notre approvisionnement nous sélectionnons les meilleurs fabricants dans chaque catégorie de produits, afin de garantir des caractéristiques techniques et des qualités optimales.

Maintaining the same activity that gave rise to the company, At Plastics and Skylights Matilla we continue to store and distribute technical plastics of all kinds: methacrylate, polycarbonate, foamed PVC, composite panel, etc. The purchasing capacity and stock allow us to be competitive in this market, for products with almost infinite applications. In addition, to make our supply we select the best manufacturers in each product category, so that we can guarantee optimal technical characteristics and qualities.




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